Rowan Bartolo

Rowan Bartolo

Group Executive Manager - Human Resources

Rowan Bartolo has worked in the field of Human Resource since 1994 and his 25 years of practice has exposed him to all areas of Human Resource Management including, but not limited to, Recruitment and Selection, Manpower Planning, Training and Development, Employee Engagement, Industrial Relations and Health and Safety. He joined the Eastern Credit Union team on November 11, 2019 as the Group Executive Manager – Human Resources.

A native of Diego Martin, he began his journey to success at St Mary’s College, having completed his studies there and having a keen eye for further growth, he enrolled at the University of the West Indies where he attained his first Degree in Industrial Management and complimented that with an MBA with its focus in Finance at Andrews University, Michigan USA. Having a passion for learning and development he achieved certification in NEBOSH and Industrial Relations which refined his competencies and enhanced his professional growth.

Being an avid sports enthusiast and the former Deputy Chairman of the WASA Football Association, Mr. Bartolo translates all aspects of good sportsmanship to his professional portfolio. He holds as his watch words “Transparency and Integrity” – the words that govern his actions both professionally and personally.

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